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7 Important Things To Take Into Consideration When Buying A 3d Printer

Buying a 3D printer is not a joke. Despite the enjoyment and education we get from the use of a 3D printer, choosing the best one can be a difficult task. There are many 3D printer at the market each with their particular pros and pros and. It was a challenge for me to purchase my first 3D printer. I went to buy Anet A6 3D printer after reading through a blog which states that it is best for those who are new to the field. It's not that I was completely wrong , but I wish I could have done more research before getting my first 3D printer. I have compiled a set of elements that all enthusiast and hobbyist ought to consider and select the printer that best suits their needs. In case where you like to find out more information about resin 3d printer, you have to check it out here at pick3dprinter website.

Volume of Print:

Each printer has a limit on the size of prints it can produce. It should be able to print larger objects. Anet A6, a starter printer, prints objects that measure 220x220x240mm (W + LxH). Apparently this is not so large if you think of printing objects like real life bust models, robotic arms and so on. When you purchase a 3D printer, be sure to determine the maximum size of your print.


Leveling can be the most painful thing that you have to do when using the 3D printer. It is a process where you have to set the heating bed to an ideal distance from the nozzle across the bed's surface. If you attempt this by hand, it could be quite painful. While it is fun at the beginning but fun disappears after a couple of attempts. The auto leveling feature is an excellent solution. It levelizes the heating bed for you automatically and allows you to immediately begin printing. While this feature will save you time and frustration in the long-term, it comes at an expensive cost.

Types of FILAMENTS to be USED:

Filaments are described as the fuel of a 3D printer. It is the substance which is heated before being extruded through nozzle to print the desired object. You can use a variety of filaments for 3D printing. However, a particular 3D printer might only be capable of printing a certain number of filament types. Here is a table I came across online that outlines the different types of filaments as well as their characteristics.


This is the part that is the one that extrudes the filament that has been melted. In order to print the item you want, this Nozzle moves across the X the Y, X and Z Axes. Sizes of the nozzle used in a 3D printer can vary from one printer to the next. Common nozzle sizes are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4mm. The most popular size for nozzles is 0.4mm, which produces high-quality prints. 3D printers also have nozzles made of different materials such as steel, brass titanium, brass, and so forth. Printers that have multiple extruders may be utilized to print multiple objects using different materials. Printers that have multiple extruders are likely to be costly but extremely fun to play with.


Resolution of the print is something that you'll closely scrutinize when the quality of your print is important to you. Print resolution decides how detailed your print will appear. There are two types of resolutions you have to know about XY and Vertical resolution. The XY resolution refers to the distance that a stepper motor can traverse in a given time. Vertical resolution, often known as the layer height is how the material extruding is employed to print the object. The lesser the resolution greater the quality and details in the print will be. Prints with lower resolution objects will have a smoother, more polished surface but with the cost of using more filament and taking longer time to print.


There are numerous risks associated with 3D printers. It is crucial to take these things into consideration when purchasing a 3D printer for your kids or if you have kids in your home. You may choose to purchase an enclosed 3D printer to shield the user from injury. However, closed frame 3D printers come with a high price tag comparing to its open framed counter parts.


3D printing is a complicated area that requires lots of assistance. Consider how helpful it will be to have a group of friends who have already experienced the 3D printer you have just bought. They will be able to help you set it up and address any problems you might face. This is what the community's focus is. It's always a good idea to purchase 3d printer which is supported by a huge community behind. Forums, websites and social media groups are great places to meet with your community to seek help or ask for advice regarding your journey in 3D printing.

I hope this article has provided you with an idea of what to look for in 3D printers. Please let us know if you think there are other features that ought to be included in the list. If you're looking for suggestions or help do use the comment box below.

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