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The idea of going to drug rehabilitation can be a tough pill to swallow, for addicts and their loved ones alike. Many feel that the severity of their addiction isn't enough to warrant treatment, which is why they delay taking the plunge. Many are afraid of the stigma around the term "rehab," and are worried about what other people might think. Many are wondering if there are certain criteria or levels of addiction, that qualify a person for rehabilitation.

What inspires or motivates them to take action?
There are a variety of reasons a person should go to rehabilitation, however everyone follows their own, unique path to getting there. Here are the top five reasons that addicts seek treatment.

Drug and alcohol consumption is no longer a choice.
The fact is, many individuals begin to use drugs or drinking recreationally, or simply to "feel good." They choose to take. But, as time passes through it becomes more necessary to use. People begin to need alcohol or drugs in order to feel "okay." It's due to how drugs influence the brain.

The chemicals in alcohol and drugs that alter how the brain functions. They can physically limit people's ability to manage impulses, make decisions, and consider consequences. The longer one is dependent on drugs the more their brain's functions are altered this manner. The brain becomes dependent on substances to perform its functions. It tells the person it needs the alcohol to make it through the day. The urge to drink can be overwhelming, even when one is trying to stop. The drawback indicators can be tough, as well, which is a reason that so many people most likely to alcohol rehab Indianapolis to give up effectively.

They are vulnerable to the long-term dangers of using drugs.
Addicts and alcoholics always in the midst of danger. There is no doubt about it. They are at risk of overdosing, making dangerous and wrong choices, or be trapped in a dangerous situation at any moment. In addition to the obvious dangers associated with substance abuse, they are also vulnerable to devastating long-term effects:

Addiction (i.e. substance use disorder)
The loss of a job, home or other relationships
Health problems that cannot be reversed
Mental illness co-occurring with depression
Brain damage or loss
Overdoses or fatal accidents

Younger people, specifically those who are younger than 25, are at greater risk of developing addiction or other mental illnesses. This is because their brains are still in progress and any drug or alcohol introduced during this period increases their chance of mental health related problems in the near future. As a result, early intervention is critical for young adults and teens with a drug or alcohol problem. They are vulnerable enough to require admission to rehab programs.

They also suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder.
Presently, 60 percent of teenagers who are in treatment for addiction meet the criteria for another co-occurring mental disorder. Between 50 and 75 percent of adults battling a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health disorder.

National sources indicate that people suffering from a mental illness have twice the chance be dependent on drugs. That said, when someone is struggling with issues such as anxiety or depression and is beginning to experiment with drugs, it's crucial to seek assistance. The same goes vice versa. If a person is addicted to drugs and begins to experience depressive, anxious, or any other mental health issues it is essential to find a professional rehab who is skilled in co-occurring illnesses.

Families and friends of the victims have been affected.
Substance abuse doesn't just affect the person using or drinking drugs It affects everyone who are affected also. Spouses, siblings, parents, friends, children. Because addicts often deceive, manipulate and deceive those they are in love with. If you're a close friend or family member of an addict you know this first-hand.

A lot of people seek out rehab because they realize the detrimental toll their problem has taken on loved children. As an example, many parents suffer emotional and financial strain because of their child's addiction to drug. Addiction and lack of trust and communication are the two main causes of relationships ending. Rehab can help to show that someone is willing to change and to rebuild relationships with loved ones.

They are in trouble.
There are people who seek rehab because they are in an issue with the law Professional addiction treatment is offered as an alternative to jail time. Some go to rehab after getting caught in the crosshairs of school officials. Their parents provide rehab as an alternative. Many are dismissed because they are suffering from a drinking issue or drug addiction. In any case the most important thing is that these people are entering a rehabilitation program. Their substance use has negatively affected their lives in some way, and they have been pressured to make a change.

Their lives were destroyed due to the use of drugs.
When the addiction to drugs becomes too much, when it takes over their lives, they seek out alcohol rehab. They can't get enough sleep without becoming drunk. They've lost appetite. They can't function in school or work. They think of acquiring drugs, becoming high, or drunk, or use their time doing those things. They are likely to be recovering from an earlier evening of drinking or getting getting high. This is a sign that the alcohol has taken over and that they have lost control control over their choices, as well as the ability to decide when they will really stop. This is when a person needs professional assistance.

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