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Sharon Naylor

Sharon Naylor is the author of over 35 wedding planning books and a frequent guest expert on Get Married with Colin Cowie, Good Morning America, and other top shows. Recently featured in such magazines as Martha Stewart Wedding, InStyle Weddings, Brides, Modern Bride and Southern Bride, she is the iVillage Weddings expert and host of "Here Come the Moms" at Wedding Podcast Network.

She lives in Morristown NJ with her husband Joe, and loved using Wedding Mapper for her own April '08 wedding.


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Question_mark Question:

Do we have to include direction cards in the invitation? Everyone has GPS.


Great question! Wedding guests still appreciate getting a printed directions card in the invitation, since you never know when a techno-glitch can happen with a car's GPS system or a cell phone's GPS.

Providing directions needs to be a multiple-step priority, since making it easy for guests to get there is super-important.

WeddingMapper's maps are a must for your personal wedding website. You customize it, and guests get a look at your wedding venue locations as well as other locations they need, like coffee shops and such during their stays.

Print directions in the invitation make it easy for guests to punch in an address to their GPS. The card is handy, and while they could just Google the place, they like having the print cards.

And invitation design is so pretty! A print invitation card is your way of being formal and proper with your invites, so yes, this isn't an invitation insert that should be skipped. It's still useful to many guests, particularly those who might not have GPS in their car (or know how to use it on their smartphones.)


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