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February 26, 2022 We tied the knot!

Many of you will have seen or heard of WhatsApp Plus or its variant WhatsApp Plus Holo. This modification is WhatsApp and provides a number of new functions to the WhatsApp application.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an updated version of the original WhatsApp application, developed by Rafalense, an Spanish programmer in 2012. This update is targeted at people who want to customize WhatsApp to their liking. It comes with a variety of themes and backgrounds as along with a vast collection of emoticons that are not present in the original app. Additionally, there have been several improvements. Browse this site to get a useful reference about descargar whatsapp plus.

WhatsApp Plus is essentially the similar to native WhatsApp APK but with modified style sheets. The rest of the messages and other information are transmitted via WhatsApp servers, which means that the encryption method is identical to the original. Download WhatsApp Plus must be uninstalled first.

Rafalense quit the project in 2015 following the huge suspension of accounts and subsequent the pressure of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus was shut down shortly thereafter after a panicked response by users. Although there are a lot of versions of the app in APK format still available through the Internet in 2020, the majority are viruses and malware developed by hackers to profit from the success of WhatsApp Plus over the years.

Statement from WhatsApp Plus co-owner announcing the withdrawal and closing.

We can say that WhatsApp Plus is still burning through Plus Messenger (available via Google Play) it is an Android application that is able to retain some of the features and essence of WhatsApp Plus. It's based on Telegram and was developed by the original creator of WhatsApp Plus, Rafalense himself.

WhatsApp Plus The Benefits of WhatsApp

Focusing a little more on the features of the app, these are the benefits that WhatsApp Plus offers compared to the standard version:

Visual themes Flags for visual themes: This feature is available via WhatsApp Plus. It comes with more than 700 themes or visual styles that let you alter the look of WhatsApp from top to bottom, including backgrounds of chats, contacts list text, colors, and even the color of the chat.

Many emoticons are not yet included in the official version.

You can also increase the maximum size limit for files by allowing you to send files as large as 50MB.

Change the appearance, colors, and sizes: WhatsApp Plus has 6 menus where you can modify the look and feel of nearly everything, including header colors, sizes, and colors of the chat images, notifications, widgets and more.

WhatsApp Plus The downsides

The downsides with regard to usability in principle are quite small, considering that it's the same app, but with a few extra features. WhatsApp Plus does not receive updates as frequently as rest of us, so let's not forget that.

The special emoticons work only if WhatsApp Plus is installed on our contacts. They will not be able to see the entire image if they decide to use the version with a serial number.

Make sure to use caution

This modification of WhatsApp could be appealing, but the truth is that it's an application that seems a bit illegal, right?

So much so, that when we install the app on our computer, we could receive an immediate ban from WhatsApp which will stop users from using the initial version.

Here's a short excerpt from WhatsApp's statement regarding the use of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is not approving WhatsApp Plus as an application. WhatsApp Plus is not associated with WhatsApp and we do not offer support for WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus isn't secure and may expose your personal and confidential information. WhatsApp Plus can share your information without your consent to third-party apps.

WhatsApp informs us that the initial version can be used again within 24 hours after we end the app in complete.

WhatsApp Plus Download

Let's admit it. A majority of sites which offer download links are of doubtful origins, or perhaps hoaxes with apks that don't correspond with WhatsApp Plus, viruses, or malware.

WhatsApp is snatching websites that offer the application to the public, so it is most likely that websites who have an official WhatsApp Plus installation program have already removed the relevant hyperlinks.

It is possible to consider it a dangerous application that is very difficult to locate and recommended unless we are willing to risk the security of our smartphones.

In any case, there is a variant or alternative to whatsapp Plus called GBWhatsApp that is quite popular and can still be downloaded completely secure. You can download the latest version apk directly via the GBWhatsApp official channel on Telegram .

To install GBWhatsApp, you will need to uninstall WhatsApp, the official WhatsApp application. If we don't wish to lose all chats (from Settings -> Chat ) We will require backups.

Finally, to emphasize once more the dangers involved in using this application ... Of course, the majority of those who start using WhatsApp Plus -or for that issue, GBWhatsApp-, then find it impossible to return to the simple version of the application official. It's up to you to determine if it's worthwhile or not.

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