Giovanni's Shrimp Truck


Shrimp farming became a huge deal in Kahuku when Giovanni's shrimp truck started serving up fresh shrimp. To this day, Giovanni's still delivers delicious plate lunches of garlic shrimp (highly recommended) or hot & spicy shrimp if you can handle it (warning: no refunds so you have to be sure about the spicy shrimp). They may not be using fresh Kahuku shrimp anymore, but a couple of nearby stands still do. In any case, it's the original, noted by many a local as "THE white shrimp truck" with Giovanni's spelled onto the car, don't be fooled by imposters! Located on the north end of Oahu in Kahuku, keep an eye out on the left when driving down Kamehameha Hwy from Haleiwa.

United States



56-505 Kamehameha Hwy

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