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Categories: Bands/Live Entertainment, Ceremony Musicians
Address: Cartagena, Colombia
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14 weddings

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Cartagena Wedding In August
Cartagena   |   August, 2016   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"The Hora Loca was so much fun, all our guests truly enjoyed thank to Ekobios, it truly was amazing, great dancers and very professional."

Sonji and Kenny 's Wedding
Cartagena   |   June, 2016   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"Ekobios was definitely an amazing group of dancers whose energy was contagious and made everyone including my dad (who doesn't dance) get up on their feet. They brought a beautiful folkloric skirt for me to wear during the "Hora Loca". We also provided masks and glows sticks to fit the carnival theme. If you're looking for entertainment at your wedding Ekobios is the perfect choice. "Hora Loca" AKA "Crazy Hour" is so much fun, all my guests loved it."

Juliana and Adam's Wedding
Cartagena   |   February, 2016   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"The party got better with them. It was absolutely a great entertainment. Their costumes and their energy was amazing."

Daniela and Daniel's Wedding
Cartagena   |   May, 2015   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"I have to be honest and say that we had our doubts on whether or not to incorporate the crazy hour into our wedding. We are so glad we did though. It served the exact purpose that Daniela said. The crazy hour started towards midnight when people were starting to get tired. As soon as the crazy hour started, it was like the wedding reception had just started again. Everyone was dancing, singing, drinking and having a good time. There was an immediate wave of energy that entered the room and ensured that the party continued for a few more hours. The crew for Ekobios danced with everyone, handed out props and brought so much joy to the party that we are thrilled we did decide to add this in the end."

Mildred and Matthias's Wedding
Cartagena   |   May, 2014   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"Ekobios was the highlight of party. They were incredible with such high energy, everyone at the party danced to the most amazing folkloric music from Colombia. Our theme for the crazy hour was “asalto carnavalero.” At around midnight, everyone from the wedding was all of a sudden transfer to El Carnaval de Barranquilla. It was the surprise moment of the night and no one was able to stay on their chairs. Their customs were absolutely beautiful and their music kept everyone dancing the night away."

Boda Cartagena
Cartagena   |   October, 2013   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

Mery and Andres's Wedding
Cartagena   |   December, 2012   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"They were amazing. Everybody loved them. If you really want to have fun in your wedding you should have them. They were very professional and punctual. Loved them"

Maria Alexandra and Ricardo Antonio's Wedding
Cartagena   |   December, 2011   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

Joseph and Margarita's Wedding
Cartagena, Colombia   |   July, 2011   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"Ekobios is great! We hired them for our mulatas & tamboreros while leaving the church. We walked with then from the church to Casa Estrella and it was so cool!!! I definitely recommend them."

Claudia and Alejandro's Wedding
Cartagena   |   May, 2011   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"La Hora Loca or Crazy hour was the best idea! Everyone loved it, the costumes the colors and their great energy kept the party going. Worth the money!"

Clara and John's Wedding
Cartagena   |   March, 2011   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"Everybody loved the welcome mulatas, tambores, camino de mulatas and Carnaval. It is a must to have in a Cartagena wedding."

Georgette and Scott's Wedding
Cartagena   |   October, 2010   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"Amazing. So full of energy. They were so much fun. It was one of our favorite parts of our wedding. They are worth every penny."

Margarita and Kevin 's Wedding
Cartagena   |   April, 2010   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"The best part of our entire wedding! we highly recommend them! They are a little expensive...but worth every penny!"

Cartagena, Colombia   |   March, 2000   |   Ceremony Musicians

"One of our favorite parts of the wedding. Guests were thrilled! They were very professional and made sure that all guests participated and dance. If you are doing an Hora Loca, definitely invest in Ekobios!"



Cartagena, Colombia