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October, 2015 in Canmore

"Our wedding turned out fantastic. All the little details came together in the end.

We used a combination of "wedding mapper" and anrsvp.com for our wedding website.

Wedding mapper was great for putting together a simple and FREE wedding website. We searched many sites, and are happy we chose this one!

We weren't impressed with the rsvp portion of the free wedding websites, so we just put a link on the main page to a separate RSVP site where we could have complete control over the rsvp style."

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Ceremony: Ralph Connor Memorial United Church
Reception: Royal Canadian Legion


RockIt Productions

106 Mahogany Way
Calgary , Alberta T3M1N5, Canada
403 2809905

"Kevin, you were a great DJ! You executed all the things we asked of you, gave us a great rate, kept everyone on the dance floor all night, and we're a pleasure to deal with before and during the event. We had nothing but compliments from or guests regarding our choice of entertainment. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding reception the dance party we were hoping for! The volume was perfect, song choices were well thought out, your quick reactions to my last minute requests were spot on, the light show you added was so fun, and you were professional through it all. I would recommend you to anyone!!!"


Tierra del Sol

"I was looking for a low cost flower option for our wedding. I searched Costco, florists, wholesale places & farms, but found very few in my budget or available in Western Canada. Thankfully I found Tierra del Sol. I called late in the afternoon & one of the sweet daughters from this family business answered, told me her mom is the main contact for weddings, and gave me her cell. Barb picked up right away even though she was in the field. From this point I was already happy with this company & hoped their pricing would be decent. Because our wedding was late in the fall Barb couldn't supply our flowers direct from her farm, but she sourced some from BC. The cost was fantastic. We supplemented with some dried items from our family's garden, selected low cost, big impact flowers & did all the arranging ourselves - 4 bouquets, 8 boutineers, 16 small centerpieces came in under $300! Barb & her family were friendly and polite every time I spoke with them. They responded quickly to my requests, helped with flower count to create our masterpieces (I'd never done flower arrangements before & didn't know what I needed), got my flowers to me on time and in good condition. We were waiting to see what we could harvest from family gardens, so our order was very last minute and Barb handled all my frantic requests with ease and grace. There was a small slip up and one bunch of flowers did not get ordered, but Barb reacted perfectly to the mistake: she helped me figure out where to source a local replacement and sent a new invoice with the item removed plus a discount. As a consumer this speaks more than if the order had been complete. It was an easily missed item that I added to the order last minute, and she more than rectified the situation. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this family farm for any event. I can't wait to visit in person, and hopefully order from again someday. Thank you so much for the help Barb!"

Invitations Vendor:

Prairie Paper Haven

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Jodi was great! We ordered our paper, double sided tape, envelopes, etc. from Prairie Paper Haven for our homemade invitations. She had great prices, was so friendly to deal with, and always quick to respond to my questions. When we received our box of supplies in the mail, it was well packaged, and she included a sweet handmade card thanking us for our business and wishing us well for the wedding. It is little touches like that that always make me so happy I chose to order local (besides, her prices were better than the box stores – win win!) I look forward to ordering supplies from her for our wedding album and would recommend her shop to anyone."


Mark Katzeff Designs

"We interviewed and researched several jewelers, and Mark Katzeff was unforgettable. We were looking for an artist: someone who could take our love story, our likes and dislikes and create a one of a kind ring. Within minutes of sitting down with Mark we knew we had found our guy. He listened to a bit of our history as a couple, we went through a few photos to get an idea of our aesthetic, and the next thing we know he pulls out pencils and paper and drew a couple of designs right there! Other jewelers asked us for a $500 deposit before they would even consider a design, but within a few minutes Mark cut the ring from the paper and curled it around my finger! Amazing. We went back and forth on a few different designs over a period of around 6 weeks. This time period was pretty well our fault, as we couldn’t make a decision. Once we decided what design and materials we wanted (what karatage and colour of gold, etc), Mark got to work and had them crafted in just under a week. ONE WEEK! For a set of two beautiful, hand crafted wedding rings. Mark is a very busy guy; every time we were there there were multiple customers ordering or picking up or coming in to have a ring polished. Expect to wait a little while on phone calls, emails and even in person visits. He explained to us he has tried to hire apprentices but struggles to find someone who will work to his quality standard. And his quality is incredible. We were a little frustrated the first couple of times we had to wait, but in hindsight I don’t mind at all. He dedicates his time to the craftsmanship of the jewelry, not administration. Seeing as we got our rings within a week of ordering them, I can’t complain about waiting a few days for a return email. We were working on a budget, and Mark did his best to keep the costs down, suggesting a few ideas that could help create a beautiful ring, while not spending outrageous amounts of money. Mark was THE ONLY JEWELER that did this. Most other places wanted us to SPEND SPEND SPEND. Mark explained his philosophy that he wanted us to leave with a piece we loved, and was more concerned about that than anything else. We have received SO MANY compliments on our rings. We love them, and a month after the wedding, WE can’t stop commenting on them to each other. They are unique and personal, subtle and beautiful. They are so perfect."

Limo Company:

Canmore Cabs

"We booked a shuttle service through Canmore Cabs. They were easy to deal with and very affordable. The shuttle service is booked by the hour and unlimited rides for your guests available within the times you book. I know this is a small detail, but it was probably my favourite thing about booking them: they made sure my groom and I got a free ride home at the end of the night even though we were well outside the time we had booked."


Walker Photography - Photographer - Airdrie, Alberta, T4B0J8

Walker Photography

Airdrie, Alberta T4B0J8

"Oh man! If you are reading this review as a newly engaged couple, can I PLEASE give you one piece of wedding advice?!? BOOK THE WALKERS! You cannot and will not find a better team of photographers. I don't even know where to start with the praise for this fantastic husband and wife team: the crazy natural talent, the thirst to gain skill and knowledge, the ninja skills (my dad asked me days after the wedding if I noticed Sandra laying on the floor taking shots during our vows, I never saw her!), the value for money, the willingness to go above & beyond or their awesome personalities! Your photographers are people who will be around you ALL DAY on "the best day ever", you want at the very least to be able to tolerate them... With Sandra & Scott, it is well beyond tolerance, we loved hanging out with them! Our engagement session was one of the most fun, least stressful days we had during wedding planning. Even a few members of our wedding party said things like "I want to be friends with your photographers! They are so fun!" Our photos are unreal. Of course I am a little biased, but they truly are the most awesome photos I've ever seen. They are great at both capturing the moments as they happen, and scripting people into staged shots. They see scenes I could never have imagined. Furthermore, I did not "LOVE" my dress the way most brides seem to. I didn't really even like it all that much. And when I see it in all the photos people took that day? I shudder a little. When I see it in the Walkers' photos? I look incredible. They took my cheap dress and made it look like a million bucks. My groom and I look fantastic in every picture, even the ones that are the angles of my face I don't usually like! I also need to mention the ridiculous amount of work that these two did for our wedding that is NOT part of what we paid for. Our reception venue, caterer, ceremony space and lodging was all hired through one company & they closed their doors and cancelled all events 5 months before our wedding day. Sandra stepped up and helped us replan the whole wedding. She used her personal and professional contacts to help get us back on track. Sandra & Scott offered to drive around and scout locations for us to use for the wedding or for photos (as we were planning the wedding from out of province). Additionally Sandra helped me select a make up artist, she was a sounding board when I was purchasing my dress and there were days she just let me moan & groan about the wedding! The hours of work they did before, during and after the event is so much more than what we paid for. They were on location taking photos from 9am until 1am. They arrived to take detail shots of the reception space before "getting ready" started, and stayed well after cake cutting; taking pictures of the dance, the bouquet toss, and doing a night time bride/groom portrait session under the stars. Two photographers, sixteen hours. Plus our free engagement session. Plus a ton of time editing and sifting though the 10,000 photos they took. Plus all the crazy hours spent helping us plan! Money was a big factor in our wedding planning; my groom & I were paying for everything, and we were concerned about costs. The Walkers were unbelievable, worth so much more than the money we spent. It comes down to two incredible people. Trust me, you want to hire these guys for your wedding."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

JJs House

"I ordered my wedding gown and veil online from JJs House, including all shipping, duties and the alterations my lace dress cost me less than $300 CAD. Customer service was fantastic. They responded within 12 hours to most of my emails. When I was not 100% certain about the dress, they offered me a small discount. They were polite and friendly to deal with. Also, my dress arrived in my hands IN ONE WEEK! It was a custom sized dress and shipped from China. The fit was perfect. The only alteration I paid for was to have a bustle put in, as JJs House does not offer this service. The quality of the materials is mediocre at best, but “you get what you pay for”. There were a few details on the dress I was unhappy with (eg. My mom switched the buttons on the back to something a little more elegant), but overall it was completely acceptable considering the price I paid. I was hesitant to order online, but it all worked out beautifully in the end."


Ralph Connor Memorial United Church - Ceremony - 617 8 St, Division No. 15, AB, T1W 2B1, CA

Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

617 8 St
Division No. 15, AB T1W 2B1, CA

"I am a little bit on the fence about writing this particular review. On the wedding day, everything turned out fine, and there weren't any significant issues with the church... but leading up to our big day this particular location was one of our key sources of stress. An important side note: a good portion of that stress was RCMUC's fault, but certainly not ALL of it. Let me explain: We had booked TWO ceremony venues and had them BOTH cancel, RCMUC was our third venue we booked. We live out of province and had to book it WITHOUT seeing it person. The lady we booked through at the church was very friendly and calmed a lot of my fears about the size of the church - it holds 90 people and we had a guest list of nearly 150 including children and our wedding party. She explained we could squish a few extra people in the main church and stream a live video feed to the attached hall and use that as overflow, etc. We paid the deposits, signed the contracts and went forward. When we DID make it home to view the church 3 months before the wedding, she changed her view on those arrangements: now she was very adamant that she would allow no more than exactly 90 people in the main sanctuary, and we had to provide the video camera and figure out how to send it to the new smart tv they were installing in the ahll if we wanted to do a live video stream. We scrambled to accommodate this, and managed. Then less than a month before the wedding she tells us the tv will not be installed in time for the wedding. Thankfully I have a cousin-in-law who saved the day by bringing HIS OWN TV to our wedding and dealing with all the insanity of the video stream. A few of the smaller annoyances from the day: she absolutely refused to turn up the microphone or music during set up even though you could barely hear it (even though our minister requested her to turn it up), the microphone quality was terrible - full of static, she did not block off the parking in front of the church as per our agreement (thankfully our ushers noticed and cleared the parking before my dad and I pulled up or we would've been walking a few blocks). She left the church open after the services that morning and our wedding, so quite a few guests had come in and seated themselves before our ushers arrived and before my groom and his guys had had a chance to come in a put up the few decorations we were using - my groom is a little bit shy and he was very embarrassed about this, so they wound up just not putting up some of the decorations. One of my bridesmaids (who was 8 months pregnant at the time) was resting in the church immediately after the ceremony, during family photos (as it was very cold outside and there isn't really anywhere to sit) and she was asked to leave, even though we had paid to rent the space for another hour. In summary, it was a very expensive venue, it was a key source of stress during the planning stages and we felt a bit let down by some of the arrangements. We paid extra for the "wedding planner's" services, but she did not do much other than come and unlock the church. In the end it was a pretty place to have a wedding, and everything did come together and worked out on the day, which is what is important."


Royal Canadian Legion - Reception - 834 7 St, Division No. 15, AB, T1W 2C8, CA

Royal Canadian Legion

834 7 St
Division No. 15, AB T1W 2C8, CA

"Awesome awesome awesome!!! I simply cannot thank Chris and his team enough for making our wedding the smashing success it was! At our first meeting Chris mentioned a philosophy of his "I feel that if the request is possible, no one should ever say no to a bride". And he didn't! Our food was delicious. All the guests raved about it. It was perfect, home style cooking. Exactly what we wanted, and at a great price. The bartending was great. Again, more compliments, more happy guests. Chris went above and beyond in several other ways also: he helped us find a shuttle service, he was super flexible with timing throughout the weekend (thank you!), he was friendly to everyone, he was always prompt on responding to my questions. We were planning our wedding from out of province, and planning the food and location with Chris was seamless. By the time we booked Chris, we had already booked everything for our wedding once (venue, caterer, etc), and had them cancel five months before our wedding date. I cannot explain how much Chris saved our sanity. He had a particular ease of dealing with us, and we always left conversations with him feeling SO MUCH better. I would recommend Chris' catering services, and the Legion as a facility to ANYONE. I seriously cannot say enough good things."


Windtower Lodge & Suites - Hotel - 160 Kananaskis Way, AB, T1W 3E2, CA

Windtower Lodge & Suites

160 Kananaskis Way
AB T1W 3E2, CA

"We did not stay at this location, but had blocked the rooms for our guests. It was our "middle price range" accommodation option for guests. If I had been a guest at our wedding this is where I would have booked. They gave us great deals on guest room pricing and they gave the bride and groom a complimentary 1 room suite. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend blocking rooms for a wedding here. The staff were friendly and helpful for the entire booking process and for getting our deposits refunded."


Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge - Hotel - 1711 Bow Valley Trail, Division No. 15, AB, T1W 1L7, CA

Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge

1711 Bow Valley Trail
Division No. 15, AB T1W 1L7, CA

"We did not stay at this location, but had blocked the rooms for our guests. It was our "budget" option. It is an older lodge, but the discount prices they gave us were the lowest I have seen in Canmore on a long weekend. Our interaction with them was all easy and straight-forward."


Silver Creek Lodge - Hotel - 1818 Mountain Ave, Canmore, AB

Silver Creek Lodge

1818 Mountain Ave
Division No. 15, AB T1W 1L7, CA

"We did not stay at this location, but had blocked the rooms for our guests. It was our "nicest" and most expensive option we had blocked for our guests. I was a little frustrated in the process of blocking rooms and trying to ensure our deposit was refunded once rooms were booked, but other than slight frustrations with logistics I don't have any other complaints."


Lady Macdonald Country Inn

1201 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB T1W 1P5, CA

"We booked out all eleven rooms at the inn for our wedding party and a few close family members. BEST DECISION EVER! I don’t even know where to start with how much stress this removed in the days leading up to the wedding. Peter was so friendly and calm through all of our chaos. We took over the breakfast area to DIY all the flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, etc) as well as a number of other last minute crafts the day before the wedding, and Peter took it all in stride. He also let us use the BBQ outside for our rehearsal dinner. The inn itself is quaint and comfortable: each room is decorated differently and has a comfortable king or queen bed and fireplace. The breakfasts are delicious and filling: throughout several days we got to try French toast, pancakes and omelets. There is always some cake or sweets out to snack on throughout the day. It was an affordable option, and allowed my wedding party to visit and get to know each other better throughout the weekend. The hair and makeup stylists came directly to the inn on the morning of the wedding, and all the girls got ready together upstairs while the boys got ready downstairs. It was such a good arrangement and made it easy on our photographers too! I would HIGHLY recommend the Lady Macdonald for any reason: family function, wedding accommodation, honeymoon, or just a night out in the mountains!"


Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub - Restaurant - 749 Railway Ave, AB, T1W 1P2, CA

Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub

749 Railway Ave
AB T1W 1P2, CA

"If you're looking for somewhere to grab a meal, this is one of our favourites in town. They have great pub-style food and awesome lunch specials!"