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Although there are several Android apps that allow users to control their computer, it is not possible to control your smartphone. The latest Android application, Vysor can achieve exactly that. It was created by a well-known Android developer, Koushik Dutta, who's attempting to simplify the process. Also read: Shadow Fight Arena PvP Tips and Tricks: How to beat your opponent in a matter of minutes

Chrome extension is the Vysor application. It works on both Windows OS X and Mac OS X. The extension doesn't require a rooted phone or any other app to function. All you need is the Chrome extension. This extension mirrors the Android display of your PC and supports keyboard and mouse. Whether you plan for extra resources about vysor for pc, browse around this site.

This application could be beneficial to those who spend a lot of their time working on computers. Users can access all the functions on their phone including testing making calls, and playing games among other things. Vysor Share is another feature which lets you create and share links between the two devices that are mirrored with others Vysor extension users on your computer. Let's dive right in to see the Vysor app in action.

Step 1

To begin with, first install the Vysor Chrome extension on your Chrome browser.

Step two:

Connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your computer via the USB cable. You must ensure that all necessary drivers are on your PC.

Step three:

ADB must be turned on in the developer options to allow Vysor to recognize the device. If ADB is not enabled on your device, go to Settings > About > Building number. Then, tap seven times on the build number , and an alert will pop at the top of the screen, stating that you're now developing. When you receive this confirmation, head to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging. To enable this, tick the box.

Step four

Start the Vysor Chrome app. It should be able to find your device, however in case it doesn't you can manually add it manually by using the "Find devices" option in Vysor. It will show all connected devices. Select your Android phone and then click OK. The Vysor dialog box will now display the smartphone's screen.

It's worth noting that because the extension is in beta you may experience some glitches and lags when using it.

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