David Holdsworth


Sarah Pentland

June 28, 2014  -  We tied the knot!

I was raised on the Isle of Skye in the Free Church Mission House in Lonemore, Dunvegan. I went on to study Social Science and Theology at the University of the Highlands and Islands in both Inverness and Dingwall. I have also worked for a number of companies including a few with a Christian ethos. I guess in some ways I'm a sort of missionary who likes to learn new things along the way. My life message is simple - 'God is love and His gospel is peace.'


I love life! I love good books, good coffee, photography and generally being creative. I love going out for long walks and I love experiencing new things and having adventures!

I spend my days getting closer to God. Each day my faith strengthens and I praise God for this wonderful life and for the gifts that I have been blessed with.

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