Stephanie Callucci


Anthony Johnson

August 28, 2010  -  We tied the knot!

Steph is an avid runner and loves to spend her weekends outdoors exploring new trails or training for marathons. She loves her dog, Sal, to pieces. When she’s not running, cuddling with Sal (or cuddling with Tony), she is out on the golf course practicing her game. During the week she makes the world a better place as a pediatric nurse!


Tony’s passion is golf. He can’t go a weekend without playing a game or going to the driving range (hence Steph taking lessons). In the evenings he loves to cook and has been known to serenade Stephanie a time or two with his guitar and attempted singing. (Sal loves to howl along.) Weekdays he is taking classes at UPenn's Wharton for an MBA.

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