Stephanie Callucci


Anthony Johnson

August 28, 2010  -  We tied the knot!

Sean Stulak

Sean is Erik's oldest friend. Sean and Erik have been known to cause trouble when they are together-- ever since the fifth grade in Catholic school. Sean and his wife Jill live in Buffalo.

Steve Sojka

Steve and Erik have been friends since high school. They've worked together and hunted together, and still remain good friends. A perpetual jokester, Steve can lighten any mood. Steve, his wife Sarah,and their three children live in Buffalo, NY.

Aaron Fulton

Todd 'Buddha' Queeno

Rich Reese

Amanda Matson

Amanda is my best friend in all the world. We met at church as tiny kids, and were inseparable all the way through high school. After college we have done our own things (she went to a rival college and is now working on her doctorate at NC State University), but no matter where on the map either of us is, we always make time to catch up and be a part of each other's lives. Her enthusiam for life is contagious and her passion for making positive change is inspiring. I love her like crazy and can't wait to have her in my wedding.

Jamie Baughan

Jamie and I have been good friends since meeting in Charlotte four years ago. She lives in Boston now, but we talk regularly, and no matter how long we've been apart we never skip a beat when we're back together. She has everything going for her and is astonishingly bright. She is studying and working for her doctorate at Boston University. I am so glad to have her back in town to share our special day!

Anna Wharmby

Anna is my little sister. She is the enthusiastic, loving, and spirited one in the family! She lives in Ohio and will be a junior in high school in 2012. I have so appreciated her love and friendship as we have gotten older, and can't wait to share my wedding day with her!

Amie Kirkby

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