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"The first in the industry, Ask-A-Bride provides a collaborative platform where brides can ask direct questions to newlyweds, and the best part is it's free to use."


Her Nashville

Map Out Your Wedding
May 4, 2009

"Ixnay the stress factor with the help of new bridal collaboration website, WeddingMapper.com. The site is both a resource as well as an online community for brides and brides-to-be to share their experiences with others. It's like a bride's best friend, only better!"


Fashionbrides Weblog

"The site now has a fun new color scheme, better navigation, a new Advice section, local photo galleries and much more. For Couples: It has also launched an amazing new feature, exclusive to Wedding Mapper, called Ask A Bride. Go check it out!"


Classic Bride

Social Circle
April 16, 2009

"Wedding Mapper is unveiling a redesign featuring brighter colors (think lime green, bright pink, and navy), better navigation throughout, and will be easier for couples to connect with engaged couples, newlyweds and vendors in their local wedding area. Stay tuned!"


The Vegas Wedding Plannner

"Want to get the inside scoop from the bride herself? Well, now you can by leveraging a new feature on WeddingMapper.com called Ask-A-Bride. Through Ask-A-Bride, brides from anywhere in the world can connect with newlyweds and ask them questions about their wedding venue, vendors, theme, decor and more."


Puerto Rico Wedding Planner

"With do-it-yourself planning on the rise, Wedding Mapper, the premier online destination for engaged couples worldwide, is unveiling the industry's first bridal collaboration service, Ask-A-Bride. Through Ask-A-Bride, brides can now ask newlyweds direct questions about their wedding decor, theme, location, vendors and more."


Small Biz Technology

"If your product is geared toward a niche market, you might want to consider advertising on a website that caters specifically to that group. Wedding Mapper is a site dedicated to people planning weddings. Wedding vendors bid on a placement based on target cost per click, and the 3 vendors who bet the most win the auction and ad space in the "Vendor Spotlight." The cost is determined by the lowest bidder."


Wedshare Daily

"WeddingMapper provides an online Google Maps application allowing you to create your own customized wedding map. They have other features available as well, including a local vendors directory and bridal community."



"Wedding Mapper offers wedding inspiration, advice and tools to help you plan your dream wedding. Share wedding ideas, ask wedding advice, and browse photos with help from their global community of thousands of brides and grooms who have shared their wedding day experiences."


Biz Report

"How is this better than an existing model? Because of the 'similar market' strategy. In many wedding based services, prices are based on similar regions rather than cities. As all marketers know, there are very few regions with similar income and spending ratios so basing this on comparable cities makes more sense and can help marketers hold down their budgets."


Online Media Daily

"WeddingMapper.com has launched an auction-based ad platform to monetize local Web traffic for businesses serving the wedding industry. Businesses will compete for relatively low-cost ad space on local Web pages to reach couples in one of 10,000 cities worldwide."


Edison Then

"Popular website Wedding Mapper is changing the way web advertising is conducted. In what is considered to be a first in the advertising industry, Wedding Mapper is going to start auctioning off space for web advertisements that will be placed on a variety of different local sites."



"Weddingmapper.com is best for its simplicity and reviewing functions. It's essentially a Yelp for weddings. You can list who you used for your wedding (what hotel, what band, which cake decorator) and then review them. You can also find vendors for your upcoming wedding and create a wedding map that shows where each event is going to occur and even where each of your wedding vendors is located."


Modern Bride

100 Best Websites (for your wedding)
December/January 2008

"Most wedding-map designers charge $100 and up for custom maps, but you can DIY it gratis with this site... What we really love: You can further customize by replacing the icons with uploaded photos of your ceremony and reception sites."


Brides.com / New York

December 2007

"From our Inbox: We regularly assess the products, services, real weddings, and other ideas that greet our mailboxes (online and off) each day. While many are seen, only a few are chosen. These are our favorites..."


Modern Bride

Destination Issue
June/July 2007

"Customized Maps At WeddingMapper.com, you can build your own interactive map highlighting the ceremony and reception sites, hotels and recommended restaurants, bars and attractions with pop-up markers. The cool tool is free and covers anywhere in the world that Google maps accesses..."


San Francisco Magazine

The Talk: What's New, What Matters, What's Next
May 2007

"...So it was only a matter of time before someone married navigation and nuptials. Enter WeddingMapper.com, a new San Francisco-based website. Sign up with the site, and it will plot the locations of your ceremony, reception, party, hotel, and even points of interest for your out-of-town guests - or, most important, your inebriated friends."


Gala Weddings / New England

Unveiled - The Latest Wedding Styles & Trends
Winter/Spring 2008

"On a fun scale of one to ten, wedding dress shopping easily gets a ten. Creating directions for out-of-town guests: most definitely a one. That is, until WeddingMapper.com recently launched its interactive site where you can create an online wedding map for your guests and personalize it with photos, Web links, and description..."

Wedding Mapper In The News


Brides.com - PRNewswire

Susan Rerat, Vice President of Brides.com, said, "Brides.com is very excited to partner with WeddingMapper.com and integrate their Wedding Map technology into our site. We immediately approached them after seeing their site as we knew it would be a great way to enhance the Brides.com user experience and provide a feature to our Wedding Website software that does not exist anywhere else."



"Every time I think I've exhausted all the good wedding sites, I find a new one which makes some aspect of organising the big day even easier. So Hats Off to Wedding Mapper which lets you uses Google Maps to create a personalised zoomable map for your wedding day..."



"WeddingMapper.com - A cool, free tool that allows you to create a free wedding map to help wedding guests plan their way around the various locations."


Summit Daily News Online

Websites of the Week
October 8, 2007

"Have an upcoming wedding? Make sure to take advantage of WeddingMapper.com; doing so practically guarantees that you'll be making life a little bit easier for your wedding guests by familiarizing them with the local area."


WZZM13 - ABC West Michigan

"In today's Online Buzz-- spring is nearly here and you know what that means? Wedding season! If you're having a wedding or just going to one this year-- we've got a great website for you. The site is called WeddingMapper.com. It's an easy way for the bride and groom to give all the information about their big day."



Net Worthy
February 8, 2007

"Do you have a wedding in your future? Forget about those old-fashioned paper invitations, at least for the young folks on your list. This is the 21st century and they're all living online. With Wedding Mapper, you can easily build a wedding map that will help everyone get to the church on time."

People Are Talking


Wedding Author Sharon Naylor's Blog

"As a wedding author, I've recommended the top websites to my readers in all of my 35 wedding books, and when it came time to planning my own wedding, I knew my groom was going to LOVE working on the wedding maps with me. We opened up WeddingMapper.com, and we had a fantastic time entering our ceremony and reception site, the hotels for our guests, our own home for the rehearsal dinner - and it was so easy and efficient, with easy sends to our friends and family, easy updates, and the very fun attraction of satellite view which we and our guests loved! WeddingMapper saved us a ton of time (and paper!), getting our locations and easy To-and-From directions to our far-flung guests in record time. I highly recommend WeddingMapper to every bride and groom! You'll love working on this together!" - Sharon Naylor, wedding expert and author of 35 wedding books, www.sharonnaylor.net


Wedding Paper Divas

"As a part of a wedding stationery suite, most couples send out directions cards to help their friends and family find their way to the ceremony site and the reception. But, if you have guests visiting from out of town, you might consider something a little more high tech, like Wedding Mapper..."


Engaging Concepts

"Have you checked out the super cool site: WeddingMapper.com yet? Delight your clients by giving them a *hot* tip they will thank you for - a FREE, interactive and fun Wedding Map that they can easily add to their own wedding websites!"


Polkadot Bride

A Map of Your Wedding
July 23, 2008

"There's always guests at a wedding who don't know where they're going and could use a little help. Wedding Mapper creates custom wedding maps - even for Aussies!.."


The Rantings of a Self-Confessed
Wedding Addict

January 23, 2008

"I'm loving WeddingMapper.com!! It's a fantastic website that allows you to customize a map for your wedding. Wedding Maps are a total must have for directing your wedding guests to all of the locations & events for your wedding. It's quick, easy, and best of all, it's FREE!"


Wedding Bee

Mapping It
January 18, 2008

"One of the handiest things that I've done for our wedding is create a personalized wedding map. While reading through the WB archives, I found a post by Mrs. Bee about a cool website called Wedding Mapper that let's you put all the locations for your wedding events in one spot. I visited the site and thought it would be a great addition to our wedding website."


Matrimony Inc.

December 3, 2007

"WeddingMapper.com is a great site that allows you to customize a map for your wedding. Wedding Maps are a must have for directing your wedding guests to all of the events for your wedding weekend. It's quick, easy, and FREE!"


DIY Bride

"Oh, happy day! For any of you wanting to create your own wedding maps to include in your Save-The-Dates or invites, there's a new service that let's you create custom maps online. For free*. Isn't that the coolest?!"


Dahlia's Day - The Wedding Talk Blog

A Wedding Map
April 5, 2007

"In the world of mapping a wedding, before online maps became available, there was the cumbersome map... That was then, but now you've got the web and you the emergence of sophisticated online mapping tools. Take the website of wwwnew .weddingmapper.com, after trying out this service, I must say that it doesn't get any easier than this."


Soiree Special Events Blog

Free Wedding Maps!
March 18, 2007

"If you're not artsy (like me) and don't want to pay a designer hefty fees to draw you a custom map (like most people), then check out Wedding Mapper!"


Wedding Bee

Wedding Mapper
January 9, 2007

"Wedding Mapper is a really cool program that lets you create an online google map with markers such as "ceremony", "reception", "hotel", "airport", even "entertainment" and "restaurants" for your out of town guests"

From Our Users

"This is a great website. I found it so easy to use... even my not so computer savvy mom figured it all out. Thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars for printed maps in my invitaitons!"
"Wedding Mapper is a fantastic site - the directions are provided by google maps (maps.google.com) which I have found to be extremely accurate and easy to use. You can also label the maps with the ceremony, reception, hotel and airport locations to make it easy for out-of-towners."
"We were very pleased with our map and it was the most helpful thing we could have provided to our guests. We were very worried about how we were going to communicate the complicated directions from multiple points of departure to a number of parking options to the ceremony then from the ceremony to the reception to our guests. Wedding Mapper saved us a ton of time and aggravation. This was a great addition to our invitations. Many of our guests actually told us that they would not have had any clue without their map."
"I've discovered Wedding Mapper and now I don't know what I would do without it! I'm completely thrilled with it! I've spent the last hour adding restaurants and places to go to my interactive map. It's so cool!"
"Wedding mapper is such a great tool and so, so, so easy to setup and to use. I love it!!! My guests love it and have found wedding mapper invaluable. One guest told me that it was "awesome" and it made it so much easier for her to plan her trip to Washington, DC because she was able to see on an interactive map where everything is located in relation to everything else."
"I've gotten rave reviews from all of my guests who've used the wedding mapper which I posted on my wedding website. I listed several area hotels, the wedding location, area attractions, & restaurants so my out of town guests would be able to find their way around. It was very easy for them to use - just point & click to get directions to or from any of the points listed on the map. I would highly recommend using weddingmapper.com - my guests loved it!"
"Wedding Mapper has really helped me visualize where potential ceremony, reception, hotel and rehearsal dinner locations are in relation to each other. I have enjoyed brainstorming places my guests would enjoy visiting while in the city and plotting them on a map. Wedding Mapper has helped make that easy."
"I'm in the early stages of using wedding mapper but already it has been such a handy resource for us and our wedding guests. I am glad that we can easily place it on our website and allow our guests to gather directions from wherever their starting point is. Handing out general directions just doesn't cut it much of the time. So thank you for this great resource!"
"I just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful tool. I came across this website by word of mouth, and I will definitely pass this along to my engaged friends. This product makes my life easier because it offers details, directions and a map all in one! This is a product that I would happily pay for."


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