Jennifer Miller & Richard Gallegos

March 28 - 30, 2014

You will want to contact Cyndi Hansen with Red Amore Travel at 330-591-5137 or [email protected]

March 26, 2014 – April 2, 2014 – Jenny & Rich’s TRAVEL DATES

We are staying during these dates, but feel free to travel on your preferred dates. We recommend that you don't arrive any later than March 28th. For our friends traveling from Cleveland, it may be cheaper to travel on Friday and Monday due to the charter airlines that are available.
Contact Red Amore Travel to have them prepare a quote and discuss your options. If you have never been to an all-inclusive resort, know that the rate they quote will include air travel, resort stay, transfers, tips, all meals and snacks, all drinks (including fine selections of liquor, beer, wine), travel insurance, non-motorized watersports and on-site entertainment. That's right....ONE PRICE FOR EVERYTHING!

We have had a few people ask if it is alright to book with other travel agents. We can't say you're not allowed to do that, and we understand you want to give your business to a friend; however, we would like to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to go through Cyndi. There's a couple of reasons why:
#1. If you don't book through Cyndi, you aren't a part of "our group" and if there are any issues with the trip, she can't help you. Also, she will not have record of you going, so you will have to let us know you have booked so that we know final numbers.
#2. The resort will not have record of you being part of "our group", so if there are any changes once we are there (ie. it rains and the ceremony location is changed), you won't be notified by the wedding coordinator.
#3. If you book with an outside travel agent, we (and you) don't get any of the promotional discounts that are available for booking our wedding at through the resort.