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The Groom's Equivalent of an Engagement Ring

Wedding Date: Aug, 2008
San Diego, CA, USA
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I'm pretty sure the fact that the bride gets two rings, one of them super expensive, is one of the biggest wedding scams out there. Why didn't I get something cool when we got engaged? Now, I don't want a ring or any other kind of jewelry, but something comparable in price that I can look at and think, "Now I am truly engaged." Like maybe a motorcycle...

Written on Aug. 03, 2008


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Wedding Date: Oct, 2008
Bridgton ME, USA
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Big dreaming going on there (lol). My fiance didn't get a motorcycle, but he did get an engagement band. It is a simple sterling silver band with "love like it will never hurt" engraved inside. He was hurt by a lot of people he thought loved him, so this was very symbolic for us. He can have the motorcycle if he manages to stay married to me for 25 years!

Written on Aug. 04, 2008
Wedding Date: Jun, 2021
Concord, MA, USA

Nothing says "Now I am truly engaged" like the ultimate symbol of freedom and escape :)

Have to agree, though, does kind of feel like a one-way road.

Written on Aug. 04, 2008
Wedding Date: Nov, 2008
Peachtree City, GA, USA
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My fiance is an avid woodworker and loves powertools. I got his a very nice air gun kit that was not exactly the same cost as my ring, but it was something that he really wanted.

Written on Aug. 05, 2008
Wedding Date: Jun, 2009

You know what me and my fiance did? We searched for almost a month to find the perfect ring for both of us, it's not traditional, but it's unisex. We bought two, as promise rings, and when he was ready to propose, we traded. He wore this ring for a few months before giving it to me, and it's like he's here with me when we're away from eachother.

Written on Sep. 07, 2008
Wedding Date: Nov, 2009
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Long before we set the date I gave my FH a ring and all it was to show was the commitment he had from me and I had really intended for him to wear it on the ring finger on the right hand, and he automatically placed it on the ring finger on the left hand and wears it there when he goes out on the town with and without me. I think that giving a man an engagement ring is a sexy idea for them, after all they do all they can to show us women the brides to be that they are committed to us that it is only right that we do the same for the men, future grooms out there.

Written on Sep. 14, 2008
Wedding Date: Jan, 2005
Bentonville, AR, USA
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Written on Jan. 14, 2021


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